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Secret of a woman of no substance

 Dead wife Ruby, played by Marika Farr, is a hard woman to pin down these days for husband Edward, played by Alex Forty

Ghost Writer

The Nonentities

Rose Theatre, Kidderminster


THE NONENTITIES opened their latest season at Kidderminster Rose, themed on things that go bump in the night, with Ghost Writer by local playwright David Tristram.

The play opened to some spoof spooky music into the very cleverly designed bedsit of writer Edward, played by Alex Forty. Edward has had writers block for last year since the tragic death of his wife/actress Ruby.

Performing lines from Hamlet it looks as though Edward is about to do himself in until his camp landlord Alex (played by Andy Marlow) storms in looking for the gin cupboard.

After discovering that the gun he intended to use to shoot himself is in fact a stage prop Edward decides to turn in for the night, but little does he know who is about to pay him a visit.

Our wordless writer discovers that his wife was actually murdered and as the play unfolds he must ascertain who dunit - and you never know he may just get a new play out of it as a bonus!

The construction team for the Nonentities has created some very clever special effects which are most impressive. It is top tip stuff - keep your eye on the picture of his wife!

Ghost writer is directed by Lynn Ravenhill who took this challenging script for amateurs and created an excellent production. Act 1 did take a little time to get going (although still enjoyable) but act 2 really did pack a punch with some very comical moments.

Alex Forty as Edward and Marika Farr as his ghostly wife Ruby both made a solid effort in their roles. Their lines had to be delivered at quite a pace while allowing time for the humour to be absorbed by the audience, which they both did well.

Andy Barlow as camp landlord Alex had most of the best and delivered them brilliantly - his performance was faultless throughout!

Good supporting performances also came from Harriet Poultin as potential love interest Glenda, Carolyn Brinton as Frances and David Wakeman as Hedley - whose wig really was the worst thing I have ever seen in a show, good job that was the whole point!

I believe this production will get better and better throughout the week and is well worth a watch!

Running time 2 hours with a 20 minute interval. To 15-09-12

Eva Easthope

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