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A howling good night of suspense

Sherlock Holmes, (left) played by Tony Stamp is brought in by Lady Agatha,Jennie Maxwell, along with her friend Dr Watson so solve the mystery of the terrifying supernatural hound . . . who seems somewhat unconcerned at his reputation

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Dudley Little Theatre

Netherton Arts Centre


ARGUABLY, The Hound of The Baskervilles is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous novel from the whole Sherlock Holmes series.

Dudley Little Theatre are presenting the stage adaptation by Tim Kelly which has been cleverly done so that all the action takes place in the drawing room of Baskerville Hall, with impressive sound effects to create the atmosphere of the mysterious moors outside.

It is probably no surprise to anyone that the play begins with a murder. Sir Charles Baskerville has been found dead on the moor – a suspected heart attack; however his friend Lady Agatha Mortimer believes that it is not quite that simple.

Lady Agatha, played by Jennie Maxwell ina promising debut role with the company, believes that Sir Charles has been scared to death by the legend that is the supernatural hound of the Baskervilles!

She enlists the help of her friend Doctor Watson,  and of course, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes to unravel this mystery. Most of the characters have profited from his death making nearly everyone a suspect but the clever plot has you guessing right until the end.

During Act 1 the cast appeared to be a little nervous on opening night, however by Act 2 everyone was into the swing of the production which ran smooth until the very end.

Tony Stamps portrayal of Sherlock Holmes complete with tweed deerstalker hat and cape was very good. He portrayed the detective in a no nonsense intellectual manor and not the drug taking, eccentric loony as some more recent portrayals have been.

Frank Martino played his sidekick Doctor Watson and I must say he stole the show. His comic timing and delivery was excellent from start to finish – his performance really was a joy to watch.

Other notable performances came from Alison O'Driscoll as Laura Lyons whose brief moments on stage were brilliant. Special mention must also go to Christine Ridgeway as the maid Perkins, her comic timing was also superb and made me chuckle every time she was on stage.

Dudley Little Theatre has created a very enjoyable evening at the theatre with this production which marks their 335th play. I hope that more people from the local area will come out a support them.

Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes with a 20 minute interval. To 08-09-12.

Eva Easthope 

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