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This is what it is all about . . .


The Nonentities

The Rose Theatre, Kidderminster


THE changing attitude to casual sex in the 1960s is revealed in this version of Bill Naughton's amusing play which was made into a famous film starring Michael Caine.

And if anyone in the audience needs a reminder of its impact, it is delivered in music when a recording of Cilla Black singing "What's it all about, Alfie" gets an airing in the second act.

But long before then young Robert Broadhurst, playing the working class lothario, has shown exactly what Alfie was all about.....having a good time with lots of women, whether they were single or married.

Broadhurst does well in the role, even though there are times when his concentration on delivering a convincing cockney accent leads to him speeding up lines which are occasionally difficult to catch.

But he is at his best when he shows a more emotional side of the cheeky chappie's character as he considers the tragedy of one of his conquests' abortion on seeing the foetus following the illegal 'operation' he had arranged.


One unintentional moment of hilarity on opening night saw Alfie snatch up the steak and kidney pie one of his females had just cooked, and when he hurled it onto the floor in  bounced.

An enthusiastic cast also include Vicky Wakerman (Ruby), Louise Fulwell (Siddie), Becky Williams (Gilda), Rachel Lawrence (Lily) Bob Graham (Humphrey) and Stuart Walton (Harry)

A splendid set for the play, designed by Jen Eglinton, represented The Scene nightclub in London, complete with spiral staircase.

Alfie, directed by Martin Copland-Gray, with choreography by Suzi Budd, continues chasing the ladies until Saturday night 09.10.10.

Paul Marston

Box Office 01562 743745  

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